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Drik Panchang Settings


Panchang Settings




Only English & Hindi language is fully supported across the website. Pages, which are not available in selected regional language, will be shown in English language.


English Numerals

By default English numerals will be visible across the website, even if a regional language is selected. To see numerals as per regional language except for Tamil, please select localized numerals option.

Clock Format

12 Hour Format

By default 12 hour clock format is used on the website. Clock format setting is not applicable to Vedic time system.


Classic Theme


Lunar Month Type


In Purnimanta school, lunar month begins from next day of Purnima, i.e. full moon day. In Amanta school, lunar month begins from next day of Amavasya, i.e. no moon day. This setting is not applicable in the context, where lunar month type is fixed like Amanta in Gujarati, Telugu and other regional Panchangam.

Panchang Arithmetic

Thiru Ganita / Bisuddha Siddhanta

Only applicable to calculations related to Bengali Panjika & Tamil Panchangam. Vakyam & Thiru Ganita are two ways of calculation in Tamil Panchangam. Similarly, Surya Siddhanta & Bisuddha Siddhanta are two ways of calculation in Bengali Panjika.


Sunrise Type


By default Edges option is set on the website. In Edges option, the moment at which top edge of the sun becomes visible at the horizon is considered as the sunrise. In Middle Limb option, the moment at which the middle of the sun becomes visible at the horizon is considered as the sunrise. In legacy pages, middle limb option is set and it can not be changed.



By default elevation of a geographic location is considered zero in calculations. Please choose Enable Elevation option to consider the elevation of a particular geographic location in all calculations. This setting may make the difference of a couple of minutes in Panchang & Muhurat timings including Sunrise & Sunset timings.


Time System

Modern Clock

By default modern time system, which keeps time in Hours, Minutes & Seconds is set on the website. Only daily Muhurat & Panchangam pages support Vedic time system. Vedic clock keeps time in Ghati, Pal & Vipal.


Current Location


Add New Location

If you do not find your place in drop-down list of City Search option, here you can add geographic details of your location.

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